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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

To place the furniture correctly and at the height that best suits us we have to take into account 3 things:

  1. We will check the standard measurements of our products, we must review them meticulously to see if these measurements are sufficient. Once the measurements have been reviewed, we will review the rest of the variables that will help us find the perfect piece of furniture.

  2. The most important thing when placing the furniture is the height of the people who are going to use the bathroom. If you live alone there is no problem, you just have to find the height that best suits you, but if you live with family or friends we have to find a standard measure that suits and is more comfortable for everyone.

  3. The water intake. This in a standard way, is usually located about 55-60 centimeters from the ground. If you are going to place it at the manufacturer's standard size (75 or 90 cm) you will have no problem, but if you want to put it higher you must have a plumbing professional.

As you can see, achieving the ideal height for your bathroom cabinet is not as complicated as we thought.

We hope this new post has been helpful to you.

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