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How to combine the finishes of our products?

Hello, when decorating we always want it to be perfect and beautiful, but sometimes it is very difficult to decide if the colors and finishes that we like combine or look good. If it is the first time that we are going to buy furniture of this style, it is much more complicated, so we have created this new post to help first-time buyers make decision-making much easier and more bearable.

We start with the laminate finishes:

-Finished Nord.

We can find it in the nicol, lemon, honey, klimt and soho models. This finish combines perfectly with lighter tones, such as a krion terrazzo top combined with a matt white washbasin, or with a wooden top of the same finish and a beige terrazzo washbasin. The gold color for the faucet is one of the best options.

-Finished ostipo.

Lo podemos encontrar en los modelos, Bohem y nano. La combinación del negro y este acabado es preciosa, ya que es un tono un tanto mas oscuro que el nord se puede combinar con tonos mas frios y apagados para dar esa sensación de calidez. Aunque podemos añadir un lavabo color blanco mate con griferia negra para darle aun mas elegancia.

- Finished Britannia.

We can find it in the models, Vera, Africa and Violetta.

We do not recommend combining this color with shades such as black as it is too dark. The best options are white and silver or chrome colors.

-Finished Clear.

We can find it in the models, cinammon.

we have it as the front color of this model, we usually combine it with white and silver since it is from the light ranges of our catalog and as we have already said, these finishes are perfect for giving a clear and bright tone to the bathroom.

These are four of our range of colors we will continue uploading this type of help and advice.

If you want us to talk about a specific color you can write us in the comments.

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