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How to understand the catalog

We usually have several questions about our catalog and we would love to answer them with this new post.

-What does it mean that our products are marked by dots?

The points come to refer to the recommended retail price, these are without IVA.

-Are shipping costs and IVA included in the product?

Shipping charges are not included because it would only be included if the order does not reach €500 net (IVA not included). Regarding the IVA in the catalog it is found without it, unlike on our website where all products include it in their price.

- Delivery

In 4 - 6 business days, except for orders on request. In that case the delivery days vary according to the product. In the event of stock breakage, we will notify you within 24-48 hours, also indicating how long the delivery will take.

-Returns and exchanges

The delay of your order will never be a reason for a refund of the amount of shipping costs or compensation for it.

Delivery times are not contractual and may vary, so we recommend that you make your purchases in advance so as not to incur extra costs due to the delay of a shipment.

Remember to keep the pallet for possible returns.​​

If the purchase has arrived at your home, and you are not convinced, do not worry, you have 14 calendar days to return all the products without explanation. Except in these cases:

  • Any other custom products such as resin sinks, resin countertops, holes in tops, or countertops.

  • Products installed or with signs of having been used or manipulated.

  • Products without box or with the box in poor condition.

  • Products with missing parts delivered.

Return costs will be borne by the buyer.

Very important

  • Always indicate the phrase "Pending review". In this way you have 24 hours to claim any breakage when you open the packages inside the house.

  • Without pallet. In the event that the carrier has not left the pallet for you, also indicate this on the delivery note, since it should not be so.

  • A product is missing. If you think that a product is not in your order, indicate it as well. This way we will know if something has failed.


Better ask for help to carry the products home, or let the masons or plumbers do it, who are more used to transporting this type of product.


In case something has arrived broken or wrong, remember that you have 24 hours for the insurance included in all our shipments to take responsibility and therefore we can claim it. After those 24 hours we will not be able to attend requests for breakages due to transport.

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