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LED mirrors.

Maintenance and cleaning of led mirrors.

For most mirrors, a solution of equal parts vinegar and water will work, but occasionally you'll need something a little stronger. In this situation, you can make your own glass cleaner in a clean container, load it into a clean spray bottle, and use it.

Basic mirror.

LED mirror.

Advantages of a front led mirror.

Front light and no shadows. The LED lights offer a homogeneous lighting that does not cast shadows and that will facilitate our shaving or makeup, achieving perfect results and avoiding badly shaved areas or makeup with defects.

Types of led mirror.

-Front led mirror, makes it easier for us to do tasks such as shaving, makeup or combing our hair to do it with greater visibility and with fewer errors.

- Ambient led mirror, gives us a warm light that is not hurtful to the eyes, being more relaxing and homely.

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