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The VIOLETTA model is one of our most modern models due to its form and function.

It is sold by modules, that is, the upper drawer or module does not have to be the same size as the lower one, so we can give the set a different touch by putting the lower modulation a little more to the right or left, leaving an unevenness to be able to place a basket, flowers or any decoration.


Option 1: Two modulations.

Right with hole for siphon as it will be the modulation that has the sink on top. Left without a hole for a siphon that we can use as a dressing table since we will have all that empty surface.

(Regardless of size).

Both modulations have the measures:

60-80-100-120 cm

Option 2: Two modulations, lower and upper.

Upper module is the one that loads the sink, therefore it will have a hole for a siphon.

Lower module without hole for siphon, we can separate it from the upper module as we like since they do not go together.

(Regardless of size).

Both modulations have the measures:

60-80-100-120 cm.

These are two examples of the shapes we can achieve with this model. We can vary the shape, measurements and finishes.

We also have the possibility of adding a 40cm modulation open or with an additional drawer, like the other modulations this is independent of the set.


Lora modulation open 40*45*30

Modulation Lora closed drawer 40*45*30

Finishes available in both upper and lower modulations and Lora modulations:

For inquiries call 967 49 07 36.

We can also be found at:

Instagram: @dibanni_design

Whatsapp: 623 58 10 57


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